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Elle TENS Electrode Pads

Elle TENS Electrode Pads

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Elle TENS electrode pads are your perfect companion for effective pain relief. Compatible the Elle TENS machines, they ensure effortless integration, providing you with an easy experience. Crafted from premium materials, they guarantee superior conductivity and durability, offering consistent relief during labour.

Why choose Elle TENS electrode pads?

  • Precision targeting: Uniquely designed to precisely address specific areas of discomfort, offering targeted rellief where you need it most.
  • Reliable Adhesion: Superior adhesive properties securely attach the pads to your skin, providing uninterrupted pain relief even during movement.
  • Versatile Pain Management: Whether you're choosing a natural birth or seeking pain relief during labour, these pads offer customisable comfort tailored to your needs.
  • Enhanced Birthing Experience: Say farewell to unnecessary pain and embrace a more serene and empowering birth process with Elle TENS Electrode pads.

    Invest in your comfort during labour and elevate your birthing journey with Elle TENS Electrode pads for effective pain relief. Trust their effectiveness to improve discomfot effectively. This will enable you to cherish the precious moments of welcoming new life into the world without necessary distress.

* please note one set on electrode pads are included with the hire of a TENS machine *

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