Terms & Conditions - Pool Hire


1. The birth pool will only be used by the person hiring it

2. The hirer will have discussed and sought approval from their medical practitioner before using the birth pool

3. The hirer will follow the instructions as provided and will use the birth pool under medical supervision

4. The success of the birth pool cannot be guaranteed

5. If your order has been dispatched no refund can be issued if you have changed your mind and want to cancel your order

6. If your order has not been dispatched and you change your mind and want to cancel, 100% of the order will be refunded

7. If you did not use the birth pool for labour and birth no refund will be issued

8. If you return your product prior to the return date, no refund or pro rata refund will be issued

9. Should the birth pool be returned damaged, punctured, contaminated with bodily fluids or with missing accessories, Tens Hire Perth reserve the right to charge additional fees for cleaning, repairs or replacements and will not be issuing the refund of the deposit

10. Please advise Tens Hire Perth as soon as possible if you require extra time, subject to availability. Additional fees of $50 per week will apply to extend the hire. There will also be a $50 per week charge if the birth pool is returned late.

11. Tens Hire Perth is not accountable for any injury or damage sustained as a result of misuse 

12. Tens hire Perth is not responsible for any potential water damage to property

13. The cost to hire the birth pool is $360 for 4 weeks, $510 for 6 weeks, $760 for 8 weeks. This is not inclusive of the $150 refundable deposit. A box of accessories is included with every hire

Based on 10 reviews
Best decision!

I decided to hire a tens for my second child after really struggling through labour with my first and I am SO glad I did. I made it to the hospital too late for an epidural and having the tens was a lifesaver and the one thing that got me through! If I ever have another baby I wouldn’t hesitate to hire again

Thankyou so much for your feedback Jade! We are so happy to hear that the tens machine got you through without needing an epidural. Congratulations on your little one :)

TENS Machine Hire Perth
Michelle Bellenger

Easy to purchase and return. Product was so handy during labour. Thanks Tenshire

Thankyou Michelle :)

TENS Machine Hire Perth
Malissa Hallas

I’ve used a tens machine for all three of my labours, and I found it so helpful. A great tool to help through contractions

Thankyou so much for youre feedback Malissa. We are so happy to hear that it worked so well the first time so you came back again :) Congratulations on your growing family

Glad I packed the birth comb!

I'm so glad I bought the birth comb! For something so small and inexpensive, it helped me get through something so big!

In early labour all I wanted was the TENS but once my contractions ramped up, I needed that comb in my hand! Being able to squeeze that comb in one hand, and have the TENS in my other hand helped me not need further pain relief (other than gas and shower) and during labour.

Thanks for supporting me to have a positive birth experience! I'll be packing it for any other births in the future.

We are so happy to have guided you through your positive birth experience Rachelle, it's so empowering for us to hear positive feedback and is a constant rreminder of why we do what we do :) congratulations on the birth of your baby

Must have !!

The tens machine has been a godsend for period pain and I couldn’t live without it after I miscarried. That boost button took my mind off the pains so much that all I could feel was the soft tingle of the tens machine. A must have for every woman!

We are so sorry to hear about the loss you experienced. We are very happy to hear that the TENS machine was a wonderful tool for you during this time. Look after yourself

TENS Machine Hire Perth
Amaya Angel-Townley
Couldn’t have laboured without it!

I used the TENS for my first and second stages of labour. I laboured for 5 hours and only took it off for the last 1.5 where I got into the pool! I birthed at home with just the TENS and a pool for pain management 😊 couldn’t have gotten through those first few hours without it - HIGHLY recommend for every mumma! I’ll be back when it’s time for my second. Also pick up and drop off was super efficient!! X

Hi Amaya, Thankyou so uch for your positive feedback. We are so glad you were able to utilise the TENS machine until to used the water. We look forward to offering you the service again for your next baby :)

TENS Machine Hire Perth
Stephanie Mountford
Worth its weight in gold

It was the only form of pain relief used in my labour and I found it very effective. It was super quick and easy to set up and use and the process for returning the equipment was also made extremely easy, particularly helpful when feeling so tired with a newborn baby! Laura made the process super easy and stress free


the tens machine was absolutely fantastic. it made the pain so much more mangeable and gave me something to focus on - thankyou!

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