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Our Parent Resource Directory has been collated as a result of research, networking and forming professional relationships with the listed services and businesses. 

Our Directory provides information, support and professional services to help new parents on their journey through parenthood.


Fiona Rogerson

Perinatal and Trauma Counselling


Perth: Face to Face
Australia wide: online

Services Offered: Perinatal and Trauma Counselling, EMDR therapy, Birth Debriefing and Couples Counselling

0402 017 425

We address issues such as birth trauma, PTSD, childhood triggers, pre/postnatal anxiety, grief, loss, infertility, self-esteem and postpartum identity through our RISE framework. Our tailored approaches include attachment-based EMDR therapy and Ego States parts work. We provide 1:1 councelling, EMDR therapy, birth debriefing and couples councelling.

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Michelle McKechnie

Perth Doula Services - Birth and Postpartum Doula


Lesmurdie (Perth Hills)

Services Offered: Birth planning, labour and birth support, postpartum care

0419 571 387

I look forward to walking beside you, equipping you with the essentials to navigate pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. My goal is to guide you through the stages of your growing baby, provide you with the tools to reduce any fears so you can birth like a boss, and then ensure that your postpartum period is not left behind

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Melanie Howells

Serene Births - Pregnancy and Birth Doula


Woodvale - servicing the northern suburbs

Services Offered: Pregnany and Birth support, childbirth education

0401 512 883

Serene Births reflects my personal philosophy that ANY birth can be a truly magical experience - all you need are the right surroundings and the belief that this is possible. Everyone's ideal birth experience is unique, and you'll have my unconditional support however you choose to birth

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Olivia Figueiredo

Conscious Bodies Co - Freebirth Doula / Birth Keeper



Services Offered: Pregnancy, labour and birth and postpartum support


I offer conscious birthing through supporting women to feel empowered, respected, held and heard, before during and after birth. I educate yo to make informed decisions during your pregnancy, birth and even post partum. I am also here to support you and your family after your baby has joined us earthside. I have extensive knowledge about breastfeeding and can help you through this journey

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Cayla Scarborough

Hatch and Latch - Lactation Consultant



Services Offered: Lactation Consultancy, Acuneedling and Childbirth education

0411 815 768

When I trained to be a midwife, I was taught that breastfeeding was a natural process and that all mothers and babies instinctually just “know” what to do. The truth is, it is a skill learnt for both the mother and their baby. For some, breastfeeding takes off without a hitch, but for others there may be some challenges along the way! But never fear, that is what I am here for! 

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Melissa Johnson

Pure Placentas - Placenta Encapsulation


Perth and selected rural WA locations

Services Offered: Placenta Encapsulation and birth art / keepsakes

0412 087 768

I believe every mum can have a fantastic postpartum experience and avoid the baby blues, by trusting her instincts, having good support, and replenishing her body with all the nutrients that mother nature has provided in her powerful Placenta. Our placentas are encapsulated in our Placenta lab, with the highest of health and safety standards in mind. Fully insured, reliable and recommended by Doctors and midwives.

Mention 'Tens Hire Perth' at booking for a $100 discount!

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Tara Browne-Cooper

The Post Partum Chef


Perth Metro and Surrounds - delivery fees apply

Services Offered: I create and cook nourishing and healing meals, plus one handed snacks and lactation support snacks for mums of all seasons


I started The Postpartum chef after having my son in 2022 after realising theres not alot out there that is designed specifically with postpartum healing in mind. My meals are designed to make y ou feel like you're getting a big warm hug. I'll work with you to create a personalised menu - or you're more than welcome to pick from my extensive range of dishes. Everything is done with intention and so much love, with replenishment and nourishment at the core of every recipe

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Gabrielle Gibney

Little Muffins Sleep School


Syndey, NSW
Online, phone and in home consults

Instagram: @littlemuffins_sleepschool
0431 174 348

Little Muffins supports families the gentle way to achieve rested sleep for the whole family. Taking into consideration all factors of sleep like nutrition, environment, routine and more; not just the settling component. Inhome and online options to support everyone with a scientific evidence based approach based on what is happening. Gaby is a mum of 2 who loves all things sleep and babies and more importantly helping mums through the shift in postpartum adjusting to motherhood - postpartum support coming soon.

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Jerome Squire

The Hooked Squire - Handmade Umbilical Cord Ties Keepsake


Online: Australia Wide Delivery

Services Offered: Handmade umbilical cord ties keepsake, handmade baby and kids accessories / gifts


About - The Hooked Squire is where the artistry of handmade crochet meets the tender moments of new beginnings. Our specialty lies in crafting exquisite umbilical cord ties, symbolizing the precious connection between mother and child. Each tie is meticulously created with love, ensuring a safe and stylish memento of the beautiful journey into parenthood. Beyond our unique ties, The Hooked Squire offers an array of charming handmade baby and kids accessories, adding a touch of warmth and individuality to your little one's world.

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Gerogina Humphry

Soulful Guidance Doula


Perth: Face to Face
Online: Virtual access

Services Offered: Gift Vouchers, Postpartum Planner, consultation sessions, light house duties, baby wearing, nourishing meals with snacks (lactation snacks available) or meal preparation, sibling and pet support, safe debriefing space, partner support, baby support.

0405 818 323
Insta: sgdoula
Facebook: Soulful Guidance doula

Empowering mothers with confidence through support, education & guidance. Our aim is to provide support through soulful intentions guiding you through your motherhood journey finding your voices and following your intuition. Supporting you emotionally, spiritually, physically and psychologically holistically. Nourishing you and your soul to feel your best and enjoy your matrescence transformation enjoying your little bundle of joy.

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