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TENS Machine Hire Perth

TENS Machine Hire Perth

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Introducing TENS Machine Hire Perth: Your Ultimate Natural pain management solution for labour in Australia, featuring TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

  • A portable TENS machine delivers effective pain relief through a mild electrical current delivered via the use of electrode pads. The recommended placement for the pads during labour is the lower back.
  • It's a highly popular form of birth pain relief, known for its portability and battery-operated design. This makes it an ideal choice for labouring at home or in the hospital. The beauty of the TENS is that it can be utilised when labouring at home or in hospital
  • The portable TENS machine emits electrical pulses, which serve a dual purpose. First, they block pain signals from reaching your brain, reducing your perception of pain. Second, they stimulate the release of endorphins. Endorphins are your body's natural feel-good hormones, promoting an overall sense of comfort and well-being. This dual-action approach not only provides effective pain relief but also serves as an invaluable distraction during contractions. This will allow you to stay focused and in control during labour.

Hire your TENS machine in Australia from a well-trusted partner

When seeking natural labour pain relief, trust TENS Machine Hire Perth. With our portable TENS machine, we offer a versatile, efficient and empowering solution to enhance your birthing experience, whether you're at home or in a hospital setting.

You can hire our TENS machine in Australia for four, six or eight weeks — the duration is totally up to you. Simply select your pick-up and return dates before proceeding to checkout.

If you want to invest in your own portable TENS machine to alleviate your pregnancy or labour pains, we have refurbished and brand new Elle TENS machines for sale, complete with four electrode pads and two lead wires, and it comes with a lanyard and soft carrying pouch. 

If you wish to keep your hired TENS machine, we also offer a “hire to purchase” option. We’ll deduct the cost of your hire from the price of the refurbished TENS machine, letting it be yours to keep.

Complete a purchase today and score free delivery across Australia for orders over $100, automatically applied at the checkout. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Secure payments

Whether you’re planning to hire a portable TENS machine for four, six or eight weeks, you can rest assured that your transactions with us are 100% secured and encrypted. Make hassle-free payments using Visa, Mastercard, Amex or UnionPay. We even offer buy now and pay later options through Afterpay. 

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TENS Hire Perth

How the TENS Hire Works

  • Choose the hire period (you can extend it later if needed) and select the dates using the calendar app
  • Select Pickup or Delivery at the checkout. 
  • Delivery: We'll pack it up and get it out to you in the post ASAP. You will receive a tracking number via email once the TENS machine has been shipped.
  • Pickup: We'll send an email with the pickup address and pickup instructions when it's ready for collection.
  • Return: At the end of your hire period, return the portable TENS machine either by prepaid satchel or to the location where you picked it up. Alternatively, let us know if you wish to upgrade and keep the device.
Elle TENS 2

Safe Pain Relief in Your Control with TENS

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a drug-free pain relief often used by women in labour.

TENS machines in Australia are becoming widely popular among birthing women, with 1 in 5 women using a TENS device during their labour.

Many women choose a portable TENS machine for their labour as it gives another option for pain relief, particularly when labouring at home and for the car ride when a heat pack just doesn’t cut it!

A maternity TENS machine in Australia consists of a battery-powered, hand-held controller connected by fine leads to four flat pads. The pads are covered with a firm gel to help them stick to your back.

The portable TENS machine sends small, safe pulses of electrical current via the leads to the pads on the skin. The pulses pass through your skin into your muscles and tissues via nerve fibres. This gives you a gentle tingling or buzzing sensation, which may be stronger or weaker depending on the setting level.

The controller part of the portable TENS machine is easy to hold in your hand while you're in labour, but if you don't want to hold it, you can use the soft neck strap or clip provided.

The device has buttons to control the frequency and strength of the pulses. There is also a boost button for you to press with your thumb when you want maximum output from the machine. This function is best used during a contraction.

The ELLE TENS unit is 100% user-operated, meaning the person using it is the one who is in full control.

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What are the Advantages of using a TENS Machine?

✔ TENS is non-invasive and therefore allows freedom of movement, including walking around

✔ It won’t directly interfere with your labour

✔ The Elle TENS is a small, portable, battery-operated machine, so it is a great option for at-home use as well as the car ride to the hospital

✔ You can use it for as long as you want to and take it off whenever you need. Simply reapply your electrode pads to the plastic if you want to use them again

✔ The impulse frequency and strength can be self-adjusted to suit your needs, allowing you to maintain a sense of control

✔ If you don’t like the feeling, or you’re not getting the desired effect, you haven’t committed to anything. The electrodes can be removed, allowing you to try other pain relief options

✔ There are no adverse outcomes from the use of a TENS machine in Australia - it is safe for both mum and baby

✔ You don’t need an anaesthetist, doctor or midwife to help you use it

✔ A portable TENS machine can be used on its own or in conjunction with some other form of pain relief

Hire now

What's included with the TENS Machine hire?

  • 1x Elle TENS machine with lanyard
  • 2x lead wires
  • 4x brand new reusable electrode pads
  • 2x AA batteries
  • 2x spare AA batteries
  • Instruction manual
  • Soft carry pouch
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Need another copy of the instruction manuals for your TENS machine? Follow the links below to download your PDF copy

Got Questions? We've got answers!

What's included in the TENS hire?

- 1x Elle TENS device
- 4x Single use electrode pads
- 2x lead wires to connect the pads to the
- 1x neck strap
- instructions for use
and a laminated quick start guide
- 2x AA batteries inside the device
- 2x AA spare batteries
- fabric carry case
- Refer a friend
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Which TENS machine will I receive?

Depending on availability, you will receive one of the following devices:

  • Elle TENS
  • Elle TENS 2 or
  • Elle TENS Plus

All three are very similar in functionality and deliver the same level of pain relief and the same boost feature for contractions during labour.

How does a TENS machine work?

1. Electrical Impulses Block Pain Signals:

  • A TENS machine works by delivering gentle electrical impulses through electrode pads placed on the skin's surface. These impulses travel along nerve pathways and effectively block pain signals from reaching the brain.

2. Gate Control Theory:

  • The Gate Control Theory of pain suggests that the electrical impulses from the TENS machine "close the gate" to the brain, preventing pain messages from being transmitted. Instead, the brain receives the sensation of the electrical impulses, which are typically perceived as a tingling or buzzing sensation.

3. Endorphin Release:

  • TENS machines stimulate the body's natural painkillers, endorphins. When the electrical impulses activate sensory nerves, it triggers the release of endorphins, which are the body's feel-good hormones. These endorphins act as natural pain relief, helping to further alleviate discomfort.

4. Modulating Pain Perception:

  • The continuous use of a TENS machine during labour or for pain relief can modulate the perception of pain. It doesn't eliminate pain entirely but often makes it more manageable and less intense, allowing the user to cope better with discomfort.

5. Adjustable Settings for Personalized Relief:

  • TENS machines are highly customizable. Users can adjust the intensity, frequency, and duration of the electrical impulses to suit their comfort level and the specific type of pain they are experiencing. This flexibility ensures a personalised and effective pain relief experience.

In summary, a TENS machine works by using electrical impulses to interfere with the transmission of pain signals to the brain, triggering the release of natural painkillers, and modulating the perception of pain. It offers a non-invasive and drug-free approach to pain relief, which can be especially valuable during labour and various other pain-inducing conditions.

When shouldn’t I use a TENS machine?

Never use a TENS machine under the following circumstances:

  • Without talking to a midwife or doctor first
  • Before you are 36 weeks pregnant
  • When you’re in a shower, bath, or birth pool
  • If you have broken skin or a healing scar where you want to place the pads
  • If you have a cardiac pacemaker or a heart rhythm problem
  • If you have pain that you don’t think is labour pain. See your doctor or midwife if this is the case.
  • On another part of your body other than your lower back as pictures in the instruction manual.

What are the disadvantages of using a TENS machine?

  • You probably won’t be able to put the pads into place without help
  • You may find it only gives relief in the early stages of labour
  • You may not find it helpful at all - TENS machines aren’t for everyone and some dislike the feeling of it on their skin
  • TENS can’t be used in water, though you can still use it prior to getting in a bath or pool
  • If you want your birth partner to massage your back, they will have to work around the pads

How fast can you get the TENS machine to me?

The good news is that we dispatch Monday - Friday so the device will be in your hands ASAP.

If you select the pickup option you can collect the device the very same day.

If you select Express Post, you can expect delivery of your parcel in 1-3 business days.

If you select Parcel Post, you can expect delivery of your parcel within 3-6 business days.

Please keep in mind that the shipping times are out of our control once they have been dispatched. The responsibility then lies with Australia Post.

Why do you only stock the Elle TENS machine?

The Elle Tens device is one of the first obstetric machines still available and has all the features you really need for a great low price. 

This hand-held unit has the Elle TENS Opti-Max* technology and the "Boost Button" for you to use for your contractions. Opti-Max will be your new best friend, this is an extra reserve of power you use for the final stages of labour meaning this is one of the only TENS machines which will help you right up to your delivery.

Elle TENS is a safe, effective, drug-free method of pain relief to assist in natural childbirth. Even if you do choose to take some analgesics you can keep your Elle TENS on for maximum effect.

When to use a TENS machine?

Using TENS during pregnancy

TENS machines have been proven to be effective at reducing lower back and pelvic girdle pains experienced during pregnancy. If you have medical approval by your midwife or doctor (or allied health professional) you can use your TENS machine for these pains prior to 37 weeks.

Using TENS prior to labour

We advice that you test your TENS machine prior to 37 weeks gestation to ensure the machine is functioning correctly, and that you familiarise yourself with how to use the device. YOu can practice using this on yourself, your birth partner or a friend. It is fine to use the electrodes that are supplied in your pack and then resus these for labour, as they can be reused up to 20-30 times.

Using TENS in labour

You can use TENS from the very beginning of your labour, when you’re getting regular contractions or backache. It is believed that the longer the device in insitu, the more effective it will be at reducing pain and reading endorphins. TENS is most likely to be effective in early labour though you may still need other forms of pain relief as your labour progresses. TENS therapy can be stopped at any time during labour and does not have any residual effects eg. if you wanted to take a shower or have a back massage, you can then place your electrodes back on. 

Using TENS in the postpartum period

Some mums experience horrible after birth pains, so reuse your birth electrodes and place your pads over your uterus. You may also like to use it for any lingering back pain post birth.

Do I still need to pay for my TENS if I didn’t end up using it?

Yes, unfortunately if your circumstances change or you didn’t use your TENS machine we are unable to issue refunds once the machine has been dispatched. If it has not been dispatched via mail or collected from us then we can issue a full refund.

Is it possible to extend my hire if I need extra time?

If you need to extend your hire we charge $15 per week. Please let us know if extra
time is required or visit this page to purchase more time.

Will my electrode pads stay sticky?

The electrode pads provided are designed to be re-usable, meaning you can take them off and then reapply them. Just be sure to pop them back onto the film they arrived attached to when you are not wearing them. Residual oil or moisture on your skin will start to erode the stickiness of your pads, so if you are in and out of the shower several times, or sweating, make sure to dry your back completely before reapplying.

You can 'revive' the stickiness of your pads by brushing over with a damp fabric cloth. Additional electrode pads are also available for purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

the tens machine was absolutely fantastic. it made the pain so much more mangeable and gave me something to focus on - thankyou!

Ellie Harris
So glad I hired this!

I was reluctant to hire a TENS machine as I wasn’t sure whether it would be much help but I’m so glad I did. And this company made the hiring process so simple.

Hi Ellie, Thankyou so much for your positive feedback. We are so happy to hear that the TENS machine was helpful for you and the process for hiring was very simple. We would love for you to refer friends and family our way and hope to see you again in the future :)

well worth it!

It was very easy to pick up the Tens machine and I am so glad that I decided to hire one!

To be honest, I was a little skeptical and thought it might not work for me, however I am so glad to be proven wrong.
I had an unplanned induction and having the TENS machine made a great difference for the first few hours. It provided real pain relief/distraction and I was able to avoid an epidural for a few hours and continue to walk around the ward, labour with my support partner, etc.

Eventually I did request an epidural as my labour was not progressing but I would recommend this to anyone as it truly made a difference and allowed me to have the labour that I wanted.

Meaghan King
Great labour tool

I had considered using a TENS for labour but only made the decision one week before giving birth. It was the best decision - my goal was to have an unmedicated birth and it really helped me during contractions and was easy to use. The hire process was so easy and I was able to pick it up within 24 hours. Great tool for labour and would use it again!


The TENS machine helped me so much in my unmedicated labour to have a system where my mind was occupied in a routine was great. Thankyou ♡
Only downside was no return post bag included when we had to drive over an hour to pickup from where i live and my labour then ended in emergency c section so cannot drive to return in time so had to pay extra on top of the rental cost to get it back.

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