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Natural Wooden Birth Comb

Natural Wooden Birth Comb

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Natural Wooden Birth Combs: Your natural pain relief companion

Wooden birth combs are a revolutionary solution for labour pain, offering an empowering approach to childbirth. Meticulously crafted, these combs provide essential benefits for mothers.

  • Acupressure Points:
    Teeth on the combs stimulate hand points, distracting from contractions and producing natural pain relief. They assist in the release of endorphins - natures pain relief

  • Gate Control Pain Theory:
    Activate nerve endings diverts attention from contractions, enhancing pain relief benefits

  • Practical "grip and go" design:
    Ergonomic design ensures easy handling, providing convenience during labour

  • Compact and lightweight:
    Designed for portability, readily available throughout the birthing process and easy to carry

  • Beautiful keepsake:
    The natural wooden birth comb transforms into a lasting reminder, a symbol of strength and resilience

  • Snug fit for comfort
    Measuring 15cm x 15cm the wooden birth comb ensures comfort and effectiveness during labour, fitting snuggly into your hand

Experience the advantages of birth combs - an essential part of your labour journey. These combs offer pain relief and a meaningful keepsake celebrating the strength and beauty of childbirth


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