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Peanut ball 45cm x 90cm

Peanut ball 45cm x 90cm

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The Peanut Ball is a versatile and unique fitness and therapy tool designed to enhance your workouts, improve balance, and support various physical therapy exercises. Its distinctive peanut-shaped design sets it apart from traditional exercise balls, making it a valuable addition to your fitness or rehabilitation routine.

* includes: foot pump to inflate *

Key Features:

1. Ergonomic Shape: The peanut ball is elongated and shaped like a peanut, with two round ends and a narrow centre. This unique design provides stability and prevents the ball from rolling away during exercises or therapy sessions.

2. Strengthening and Balance: Whether you're using it for fitness or rehabilitation, the Peanut Ball is excellent for improving core strength, balance, and stability. Its shape challenges your body to engage more muscles to maintain stability, making it an effective tool for a wide range of exercises.

3. Physical Therapy: Physical therapists often use the Peanut Ball in rehabilitation programs. It can assist in exercises targeting specific muscle groups, promote flexibility, and aid in the recovery process for various injuries or conditions.

4. Childbirth and Labour: In the realm of maternal health, the Peanut Ball is sometimes used during childbirth to provide support and comfort for expectant mothers. It can be placed between the legs to help with proper alignment and encourage a more comfortable and efficient labour process.

5. Durable and Anti-Burst: Our Peanut Ball is constructed from high-quality, anti-burst material to ensure safety during exercises or therapy sessions. It can withstand rigorous use and is designed to prevent sudden bursting.

6. Versatile and Portable: The Peanut Ball is easy to incorporate into your daily exercise routine, whether at home, the gym, or in a clinical setting. Its portable design allows you to take it with you wherever you go.

7. Size Options: Peanut Balls come in various sizes to accommodate different heights and body types, ensuring a comfortable and effective workout or therapy experience for everyone.

Experience enhanced stability, improved balance, and a wide range of exercise options with our Peanut Ball. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a physical therapy patient, or an expectant mother seeking support during labour, this versatile tool is designed to meet your needs. Incorporate the Peanut Ball into your routine and discover the benefits of its unique shape and functionality.

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