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Elle TENS PLUS - purchase

Elle TENS PLUS - purchase

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Our Award Winning 3-in-1 Elle TENS Plus is the ultimate Maternity TENS device for labour and beyond, providing you with a safe and natural pain relief option for you and your baby. 

All settings are pre-set, allowing mums to feel comfortable, empowered and in control during their labour. The unique integrated boost button will be your best friend during labour, with the press of the button, extra surge of pulses amplifies your body’s natural pain blocking ability to get you through each contraction comfortably.  

The built in contraction timer makes it so easy to keep track of contractions for you, your birthing partner and your midwife/doula. 

Our exclusive Opti-Max technology is what sets the Elle TENS range apart from other maternity TENS in the market. It gives you an extra reserve of power for when you really need it, especially in the final stages of labour.

The Elle TENS Plus operates in 3 different modes. Firstly, as a Maternity TENS, providing safe, natural pain relief during labour.  

It is also a General TENS, offering pain relief for after birth pains, shoulder and back pain and longer term for numerous chronic and acute pain conditions from period pain and endometriosis through to arthritis, sports injuries, and many many more.  

The last mode is our Pelvic Floor Stimulator which aims to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and treats incontinence through clinically tested rehabilitation techniques. This is a particularly important tool for post birth recovery.   

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