Jade's Hypnobirth - Preston's birth story - A dad's perspective

Jade's Hypnobirth - Preston's birth story - A dad's perspective

A Personal Journey: Jade's Hypnobirth Through a Dad's Perspective

** Preston Bavaro - 15th August 2015 - 3.06 kg - Family Birth Centre **

Before completing the hypnobirthing sessions with Laura, I didn't know anything about it. Over the four weeks, I learnt how to support my wife during labour by keeping her focused o relaxation through tools like massage, breathing and visualisations. As a result, everything fell into plan during the birth of our son. When my wife felt overwhelmed by the intensity of her contractions, I was confident n my ability to help her through them. As a result, the labour was short and drug free. I will forever be grateful to Laura for sharing these tools with us. She was down to earth, clear and knowledgeable, and open to answering the millions of questions we both threw at her during the sessions.

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