Heidi's Hypnobirth - Theo’s birth story

Heidi's Hypnobirth - Theo’s birth story

Through a Mother's Eyes: Heidi's Hypnobirth and Theo’s Birth Journey

** Theo Hitchcock - 12th February 2018 - 3.8 kg - Family Birth Centre waterbirth **

When we found out we were pregnant at last we were on top of the world! The first 7 Weeks flew by and I wondered what on earth was so hard about being pregnant?? In week 8 I came down with a gastro bug with constant nausea... the bug left and the nausea stayed. The next 6 months were horrible and I wondered what on earth I wanted to be pregnant for. Then I discovered Hypnobirthing and Laura.

From the first class at 31 weeks I found my joy in being pregnant. Everything we learned was so calming and reassuring. I began to listen to the relaxation music and affirmation tracks and 9/10 times would fall asleep. I soon began to feel very different about pregnancy. I felt connected to the little bub growing inside of me, reassured that everything would be okay not only during labour, but after he was born too. My hay fever allergies also disappeared. I was in a completely different place... serene and loving the calm state I was in. I still had some of the annoying pregnancy issues such as leg cramps, interrupted sleep at night (once the music stopped) and body aches and pains. But I didn’t mind one bit. I had moved into a place of happiness and accepting of whatever came along, and truly can say thanks to Hypnobirthing I enjoyed the last 3 months of being pregnant far more than the rest of it!!

Our birth was simply and beautifully a continuation of this calm, relaxed state. After practicing the Fear Release track, I didn’t fear anything about the labour beforehand. I knew I had the tools I needed and had done the preparation necessary to birth our beautiful baby and I felt 100% ready.

When it started in the middle of the night, I simply began my breathing exercises and put my affirmation tracks on. Everything progressed beautifully at home. We were able to stay at home for the first 12 hours, using light touch, breathing, massage, essential oils and even watched part of a movie. I felt in control and calm the entire time. Once at the birth centre I was already 6-7cm dilated! We hopped in the shower as we were waiting for the birth pool to fill up - I found the water to be so relieving on my muscles. The entire time we had the birthing affirmations playing, along with the Prompts for Birthing. Listening to them helped me focus the entire way through. I didn’t always hear everything but just the right words would come through as I needed them.

I absolutely loved being in the birth pool too... the warmth and privacy helped me to stay in my calm head space. Combined with my Hypnobirthing tools, I was able to make it through a long labour of 20 hours (It honestly only felt like a few) without any pain medication or medical interventions. He was just wandering out 😊

The last couple of hours I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed but my husband and support team were amazing in keeping me focused and determined using our Hypno techniques right up until our gorgeous, happy little Theo was born. I can honestly say Hypnobirthing helped make my entire pregnancy and birth experience one of the most special things we have ever done.

From the classes, my partner knew exactly how to support me the entire way through, and never left my side. After Theo was born I continued with the Hypno Breastfeeding tracks and our chilled out little bub is also a fantastic little eater too. Thank you Laura for guiding us through the Hypnobirthing experience - it made all the difference and I believe every pregnant woman should take these classes!!! We have a happy, chilled little man and we are loving every minute!!

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