Alyssa's Hypnobirth - Koltons's birth story

Alyssa's Hypnobirth - Koltons's birth story

A Magical Moment: Alyssa's Hypnobirth and Kolton's Birth Unveiled 

** Kolton Birch - 26th May 2018 - 3.97kg - Armadale Hospital **

At 3am of Saturday morning, my waters started to break but I was unsure if it actually was. I laid back down in bed to see if more would come out. Nothing much but when I stood up it was a yellowish green colour so at 4am I called the hospital who advised to come in and get checked.

We got to the hospital at about 5am, the midwife did a vaginal examination, CTG and stretch and sweep. Tests showed I was 2cm dilated, very happy baby on CTG trace but the meconium was confirmed. The doctor suggested staying on constant monitoring and starting the induction drip straight away. We weighed up the risks and benefits and declined the doctors advice. We compromised and went home as long as we came back at 1030 that morning. At home I was experiencing some uncomfortable surges in my back, very minimal and not very regular.

We went back to the hospital at 1030am and had another vaginal examination. This time I was at 3cm with no progression. The doctor was concerned as the meconium was appearing fresh. We were taken through to labour ward for monitoring and planned on starting the induction drip. While on the CTG the baby's heart rate dropped from average 140 down to 70 so about 5 doctors and nurses came rushing in. His heart rate eventually went back up but the Doctor took the chance to introduce himself and explain his thoughts, possible avenues and advised us against a water birth. He explained that if the same thing happened again will likely need a Caesarean. He was very informative and understanding of our wishes.

I had a few more surges in my back but the heart rate dropped again and then came back up - but this time is was too high. The doctor prolonged as long as safely possible but highly suggested a caesarean for the safety of the baby.

I was taken into theatre and the caesarean was performed with forceps swell. Our baby Kolton was born at 217pm. He was stunned at first and had a hard time latching to feed, but he is now okay and we are working on his breastfeeding.

The midwives mentioned on several occasions that I was very relaxed and zen and hoped the baby would be the same. They didn't noticed i was having surges until they looked at the monitor as I wasn't even flinching with the drip or the epidural/spinal block. One midwife even wants to do the Hypnobirthing course now to be able to help other ladies who use hypnobirthing.

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