Mechelle's Hypnobirth - Henrique's birth story

Mechelle's Hypnobirth - Henrique's birth story


** Henrique Pangler – 24th November 2015 – 3.41kg – Armadale Hospital **


I'm Mechelle, mother of 2 beautiful boys. I attended hypnobirthing classes due to my not-so-good experience with my first child. I had lots of things going on with my first birth, like pain relief, and a 15 hour labour. I wasn’t planning for epidural, but because of prolonged agony I had it done and I tell you wasn’t the best choice I have made.

My experience through my second labour was very different. Using hypnobirthing I have learnt that using the tools and methods of breathing was really useful to me. Even listening to audios, exercising the breathing techniques was a huge help. I have also been positively thinking that with the help of my body and my baby I will be able to give birth easily, which I did.
On November 24th 2015, it was 5:00am when I woke up – certain that today is the day. I felt like I was calm, I was ready. I even got prepared for breakfast, sent my oldest son to daycare. I said to my husband at that time “I am going in shower now as by the time ill get to hospital ill be giving birth straight away” (bare in mind, I was having surge every 15minutes from 5-to 9am). I finally arrive at the hospital around 10:30am. The nurse said she’ll do a cervix dilation check and see how many cm I am – if I was not at a certain cm she’ll send me back home. My response was I don’t think so, I’m giving birth now. But I let her do her thing and she quickly rush me through the delivery room as she didn’t want me to birth in the hallway.

She said to me “how can you still be smiling, looking great, and not drastically looking horribly in pain when you are about to give birth”? I said I’m doing hypnobirthing, so she sent me to a midwife that’s understand hypnobirths. During the birth I almost lost track and I’m about to scream, but thankfully the midwife kept talking to me to keep listening to my audio and do my breathing. At exactly 12:55pm I give birth to a beautiful boy and thanks to the hypnobirthing techniques it was a calm and easy birth, unlike my first.

Thankyou to Laura for introducing me to this method



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