Jade's Hypnobirth - Preston's birth story

Jade's Hypnobirth - Preston's birth story

Jade's Hypnobirth: Preston's Birth Story Blog

** Preston Bavaro - 15th August 2015 - 3.06 kg - Family Birth Centre **

At 445am this morning 15/08/15 I got a contraction. I thought I needed to go to the toilet (I’d never had a contraction before) so I did and the pain went away. I texted hubby rather nonchalantly, “hon I just had a pain but it’s nothing.” After the third contraction I texted hubby back and said he better come home because I realised this was labour! I put on some washing, had a shower and washed my hair and ate some brekky through the next few but they were all intense and I couldn’t focus. I was climbing the walls and sobbing when he walked in the door at 6am. I felt so sick from the pain that I threw up.

Hubby called our birth centre and they said give it three hours as I was probably only a few cm dilated since I had only been in labour just over an hour. Hubby was amazing at keeping me focused and relaxed, holding me through every contraction and keeping my breaths long, deep and slow. After an hour I made him call the birth centre again and say we couldn’t last as I wanted to push, so we packed up the car and left at 8am. Hubby put peppermint oil on my pillow to breathe in the car through each contraction, put on my hypnobirthing tracks and drove as quick as he could.

Half way there we considered heading to a local hospital because the urge to push was getting too intense but I didn’t want to compromise my natural birth so I focused on my affirmations playing in the car, hubby talked me through my breathing and we arrived at the birth centre at 845am. Once we arrived, they thought I was too calm between contractions but they ran the tub for me anyway.

The intensity of the urge to push was so much I asked for an examination and it showed I was 9cm already! Once the tub was ready I got in and that slowed things down thankfully between contractions, but they were so incredibly intense. Hubby didn’t waiver, holding my hands tight and leading the way for my breathing so the contractions didn’t overwhelm me. My water didn’t break until the contraction before my son crowned, and two contractions later, at 10:45am, he was in my arms.

It’s all very surreal like, “did that just happen to me?” Part of me feels like a bloody champion because we did it completely drug free, just as we imagined and in six hours it was over… and the other part is a bit blasé about it because it seemed too simple. Why do people think birth is something to be managed when in most instances it’s a natural process that we are empowered to own? My body was made to birth babies! I know this now more than ever.

Im terribly sore but incredibly in love my both my little man and my amazing husband. We did it as a team and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing hypnobirthing midwife Laura


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