Courtney's Hypnobirth - Jasper's birth story

Courtney's Hypnobirth - Jasper's birth story


** Jasper Keeley - 2nd May 2016 - 3.98kg - Narrogin Regional Hospital **

On the 2nd of May I gave birth to a healthy hypnobub.

During my pregnancy I was diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension, so I was put on blood pressure tablets to stabilise my blood pressure to avoid the possibility of developing pre-eclampsia. After doing some research and having a discussion with Laura I decided to enroll in the online Hypnobirthing course – the best decision I have ever made.

On the day of my babies birth, I entered the hospital the most relaxed and calm that I had been in a long time but most importantly I was open minded and ready to let my body do what it is naturally designed for, to birth a child.

Unfortunately due to my blood pressure elevating during labour and putting my baby into foetal distress I had to have an epidural – something that I was quite opposed to initially due to having compressed vertebrates in the area the epidural is administered. At that point in time I put on my head phones, and on went my hypno tracks – I was in control.

I am not going to go into step-by-step details of how my labour unfolded but at times things got a little intense and in the end became somewhat ‘hurried’ to get our little man out. Through the whole process though I did not lose focus, I stayed in control. I was quiet, I breathed through the contractions (by the time my second epidural was administered, the first one didn’t work, I was ready to push) and I let my body do what it needed to with little fear.

In closing I would like to say that I am so glad that I decided to have a hypnobub, if we are blessed to have anymore children I will definitely be putting hypnobirthing in to practice again.

Last but not least I would like to introduce our handsome little boy Jasper <3



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